• On-site service for clubs and communities

    Inspecting equipment, repairs, welding and functional checks. In times of tight budgets, every penny counts. Damaged aluminium sports equipment does not always have to be disposed of – in many cases an on-site repair makes sense. Repairs, welding and functional checks. As with every product, aluminium sports equipment also begins to show the first signs […]

  • Project and purchasing consulting

    In recent years, the complexity of building projects for sports facilities has grown significantly. “Multi-functional” has become the key word in planning sports facilities or arenas and represents a not insignificant factor in getting such large projects financed. Here, good advice is essential, but not expensive. Schäper Sportgerätebau GmbH would be happy to help in […]

  • Equipment set up and rental

    Although Schäper Sportgerätebau GmbH products are characterised by a problem-free assembly on site, many customers express the wish for a complete installation. Here too, Schäper’s experienced team is on hand to help. Our trained staff will install the equipment according to your wishes and at the same time guarantee a correct set-up and competent instruction, […]