Welcome to Schäper Sportgerätebau GmbH!

  • We were building sports equipment,
    whilst others were still playing with them!

    Quality has tradition within the Schäper Sportgerätebau GmbH Company. For more than 55 years, innovative and high-qualitative sports equipment have been coming from Münster/Roxel, where on the 1st October 1960, Klemens Schäper, a master carpenter, lay the foundation of today’s business at the age of 27.

    Klemens Schäper, a trained Master Carpenter and hobby footballer, realized the weaknesses of the goals to date during a football game of his home football club. Word of his improvement ideas, such as a rotary crossbar, spread quickly and instead of windows, the production was converted to producing wooden football goals.

    This proved successful and the number of produced and delivered goals raised. This was the perfect opportunity to enlarge the product range. Wooden panels for the disciplines shot-put and long-jump were the first products for athletic sports, and these are still a considerate mainstay for the company. Due to the legendary collapsing of the goal in 1971, football goals are no longer produced with wood, but are made of aluminum. Although the series production has been moved into the foreground, Schäper has, to this day, continued to focus on the handicraft.


  • Mönchengladbach 1971: Pfostenbruch in der 88. Minute. Quelle: Horstmüller, Düsseldorf

    Mönchengladbach 1971: Broken goalpost in the 88th minute. Source: Horstmüller, Düsseldorf

    During the national league game Borussia Mönchengladbach against Werder Bremen in April 1971, the center-forward Herbert Laumen fell into the Bremen goal net in the 88th minute and one of the wooden goalposts buckled and broke. This was the beginning of goals made of aluminum.

    Today Herbert Laumen acts as an ambassador for our company and informs our customer about the risks of tipping goals.

  • Luftaufnahme der Schäper Sportgeräte GmbH

    Footage of the headquarter in Münster.

  • Everything from one source – from the planning to the logistics!

    At our headquarters in Münster, with a total surface of around 15.000 square meters (m²), we are producing all kinds of sports equipment. From planning to production up until the delivery, we manage everything in-house. This guarantees quality and reliability.

    Sports equipment, such as football goals or hurdles are required to withstand high stress. Due to this, the quality standard within Schäper Sportgerätebau GmbH is extremely high and has been since the founding of Schäper more than 55 years ago. To maintain the high quality standards, everything is managed in-house. In the production of our sports equipment we deliberately do not take use of personal-leasing companies, but rely on our well trained in-house professionals. From the delivery of the profiles to the delivery of the finished sport equipment – this way, the consistent quality standard can be maintained! Our fully welded products for example, have an 8 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • From the planning of your sports ground, the configuration of neutral (but quality orientated) tender texts, the design of the profiles and sports equipment, to the production and delivery, everything is managed by our skilled people.

    More important than the production of sports equipment is the planning and conception of the sports equipment and sports ground. We assist our customers with the planning of the initial sports ground and stand by them with our long-standing knowhow and our good contacts with sport associations. Besides supplying of reliable CAD drawings and assembly plans, we assist our customers with the completion of provider neutral (but quality orientated) tender texts. Once the in-house production is complete, we deliver the sports equipment with our own vehicle fleet. This way, we can swiftly react and guarantee the quality of our services.

  • In Germany, Europe and Worldwide – we offer solutions and solve the problems on-site.

    In Germany, as well as in Europe, we can fall back onto a tight net of field service employees and partners. This way we have our own (exclusive) representatives in almost all European countries, who are commercializing our Schäper products.

    Next to the selling, our people are trained and can assist our customers on-site. Due to our comprehensive network of field service employees and partners, we are available to our customers at all times.

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6 Field service employees for Germany
3 Distribution partners in Germany
16 Distribution partners in Europe
24 Distribution partners Worldwide
  • The team behind our success!

    Just as a player in a team, a company is only as good as its employees. We are proud of our players and the whole of “FC Schäper” – Thanks!


  • Team Schäper Sportgerätebau Münster