On-site service for clubs and communities

Inspecting equipment, repairs, welding and functional checks.

In times of tight budgets, every penny counts. Damaged aluminium sports equipment does not always have to be disposed of – in many cases an on-site repair makes sense.

Repairs, welding and functional checks.

As with every product, aluminium sports equipment also begins to show the first signs of wear and tear after some years. These turn up as cracks in the welding seams. If these are not dealt with immediately, the cracks will get bigger and the welding seam could split apart completely! Sports equipment like this does not always have to be replaced by a new piece of equipment, as it can often be repaired.

But in this case clubs and communities face two problems:

1. repairing this kind of crack or a welding seam which is completely open calls for a high level of know-how about welding techniques.
2. a suitable form of transport is needed to take the sports equipment away for repair.

An overview of our service features:

– on-site inspection of the equipment.
– on-site repair of the equipment (including any necessary welding work).
– on-site tools are not necessary as we bring our own power supply and welding equipment with us.
– on request: functional checks on existing sports equipment.
Ask us for an offer! Often it is worth having a repair done to save money from the tight budget.
Along with our innovative and high-quality products, we are also happy to offer service features to make it easier to purchase and operate our products.

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